The Baby Days


The Baby Days is a Perth-based meal delivery service offering fresh and nutritious meals to postpartum women and their families. The Baby Days stands apart with its unique offering that targets new mums in the fourth trimester looking for the convenience of nutritious and delicious meals delivered straight to their door.

Alex, the amazing woman behind the business, is so passionate about the power of nutrition and strives to use her platform to share her knowledge on all things pregnancy & postnatal. Her promise is to help lighten her customer’s load just that little bit, giving them the peace of mind that they are eating food that is nourishing for their bodies and helping them recover and feel their best.

Together we created a playful and positive brand that reflects her business. The wordmark uses a quirky font to evoke a happy and positive feeling, and the lines under some letters and the shape of the “h” symbolise the support the business provides for postpartum women. The use of lowercase letters makes the business more approachable and creates a sense of relatability and friendliness. 

The hand-drawn pot icon represents the warm meals delivered by the business and the heart represents the love put into every meal. The icon also includes the initials “TBD” and the “B” split to create the “D” can also be interpreted as a representation of lopsided breasts to acknowledge the reality of breastfeeding.

“She nailed the brief, took the time to understand my business and brought all my ideas to life.”

“I recently started a small business and got in touch with Amber to help build my brand identity and develop a range of different branding elements including logos, icons, pamphlets, gift cards and social media templates. She nailed the brief, took the time to understand my business and brought all my ideas to life – I am beyond happy with the result. She was always prompt, professional and quick to respond making her such a pleasure to work with.”

Alex | Owner of The Baby Days